New Boss, Same As Old Boss

Our friends over at  Bankrupting America released this short film, testing the Glen Beck rally participants on their knowledge of recent spending history. That header image might have given too much away, but I couldn’t resist.

(h/t Don Boudreaux)

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2 Responses to New Boss, Same As Old Boss

  1. It’s possible to argue against several of Bush’s policy decisions — I do so regularly — but he never hid from the public, and he never deceived anyone about his preferences or his intentions. Obama is a lying scumbag, entirely unacquainted with honor and focused exclusively on power, who belongs behind bars. Equating the two is unworthy of you.

    • Aaron says:

      Obama did write two books explaining, in great detail, what he planned to do with his power; he’s hardly been a shrinking violet.
      His administration is at least as transparent as W’s was.

      I’ve never met either man, so I won’t make any claim to their honor. Judging by their public policy, I see little to distinguish them. This may be uncharitable, but not wrong.

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