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The One With Justin Beiber

I honestly don’t know what a Justin Beiber is, but we talked about him on Episode 50 of House of Punte. It’s fun, we talk golf and sports marketing, everyone shits on Josh, he cries a little, and Shakey ABSOLUTELY … Continue reading

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Vote For House of Punte!

House of Punte needs your votes! Any and all of you on twitter, please tweet this message: That’s the lovely Amber Jones, of the melodic news segment. TWEET WHAT THE LADY SAYS, and no one gets hurt. Except the podcasts … Continue reading

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In Which I am a Deadbeat

Sorry I haven’t broken the camera out lately for the weekly photo challenge. I swear by my sweet can that next week we’ll be back on track. To make it up to you, let me introduce you to Parry Gripp. … Continue reading

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Technological Advances in Trivia?

On the days that I get the chance to get home before 7pm on the weekdays, my roommates and I enjoy watching Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy! …we are not the only ones of our friends to indulge in this … Continue reading

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Size Matters

A Google-brand internet search (don’t dilute your trademark, kids) for the phrase US Superpower brings up about three and a half million hits. Many of these results, including three of the top ten, question the legitimacy of the ‘Superpower’ label. … Continue reading

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This Week in Libertarian Football Picks

For the first time this year I managed to win 2 games, the contenders kept their hot streak going, however, as Attorney Brazil also went 2-1.  The contenders are now 6-3 in three weeks, if you wanna make some money … Continue reading

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Backup Burrito

So sorry Berwyn Heights, even though I lived a mile and a half from you for four years of college, shopped in your grocery store, and visited your theaters for whatever crummy movie was available, I never knew you existed. … Continue reading

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Grow A Pair (Of Tomatoes)

No one likes a nag, and no one likes patronizing. Maybe that’s partly why Americans aren’t eating vegetables. Future Pundit thinks vegetables are unpleasant, and suggests we surreptitiously feed them to the public. Meat can be used to boost consumption of berries and … Continue reading

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Free Markets, International Development, and Drinks!

Fan of international development? Fan of free markets? Just a fan of good drinks and good causes? Than you should join us and our friends at Indego Africa on October 15th for their third annual Ibrori celebration. Indego Africa is … Continue reading

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Links: Monday Edition

The Best Penny Rant Ever The Condensed Supreme Court Justice’s Guide to the Court So… do you like figs? A Select Number of Countries’ Stereotypes of Other Countries Most Unusual Swimming Pools Facebook Updates for Historic Events (Part II)

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