Friday Morning Music: Bluegrass Forever!

Every week we kick off your Friday with a few music videos, loosely gathered around some theme. This week, bluegrass covers of popular songs!

I love bluegrass. If you don’t at least appreciate the nuance, raw emotive power, and the  downright joyous bounce the best of the genre has to offer, well, we can’t be friends. Hope you enjoy these tasty covers.

A Bluegrass Tribute to The Killers – Mr. Brightside

When it was new, Hot Fuss was a way of life. Although this song was tragically overplayed, it’s refreshing to hear such a great version without the “heard this a thousand times” feeling. Bonus! You can buy this whole album for less than four bucks!

Don’t Stop Believing

Many of these songs are put out by one label, Pickin’ On, an imprint of CMH Records, which covers various artists like the Killers, Journey, Iron Maiden, The Doors, Eric Clapton, on ad infinitum. Some are great, like the Killers, some are really good, like Light My Fire. This song comes with a stamped guarantee that every drunk college girl within a half mile will start dancing and singing along.

Honeywagon – Green Day Covers

Honeywagon does covers of mid-90’s punk-pop (or pop-punk?). They cover some Blink-182, but their best two covers are of 90’s staple Green Day. They capture the band’s melodic lyrics and instrumentation, the two things that really set them apart from all the terrible acts they inspired. I’ve always thought that one of the highlights of his career was that Bob Dylan’s writing for other people was frequently better than for himself. There’s even a 50 Greatest Dylan covers list. Green Day front-man Billie Joe Armstrong might fall in the same category. That’s the only time those two will ever be mentioned in the same paragraph. Hope it was good for you too, Billie.

The Pigs Featuring John Williamson – All The Single Ladies

Guys with no shoes? Check. Matching wife-beaters? Indifferent or downright ugly haircuts? Check. Mouth-harp? OH YOU BEST BELIEVE CHECK! A little corny for my taste, I th… HEY. Hey you, cow-girl in the yellow dress. What’s up? Mind if I mosey on over that way? Holler at your boy. More novelty than good song, but whatever. Cowgirls!

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2 Responses to Friday Morning Music: Bluegrass Forever!

  1. Andrea says:

    LOVE 🙂 I look forward to another non-covers bluegrass post (now that you’re transitioning the non-believers!)

  2. Saxdrop says:

    You left off what is perhaps the best bluegrass-cover opus: “Rodeohead” by Hard ‘N’ Phirm.

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