Oh Monday, You Came And You Gave Me Some Linkies

. . . Sung to this tune. Links with a Simpsons flavor? Links with a Simpsons flavor.

'Tis no man, 'Tis a remorseless linking machine.

– “Doctor, without commenting on the specific nature of the fiscal nightmare, would you say it’s time to panic?” “Yes, yes I would, Kent.

Five Guys beats In-And-Out, and implicitly, Krusty Burger.

– DC Mayoral Candidate Vincent Grey decides to use the Old Spice Strategy. I suggested the Sideshow Bob tactic, but no one ever listens.

Katy Perry will sing about bacon on her next album. Maybe next a whole album devoted to pork chops, than one to ham? What’s that? You say those all come from the same animal? Yeah, right, Lisa, a wonderful, maaaagical animal. (H/t Crispy On The Outside)

– I’m in better condition than Homer, but this week I’m starting both the Couch-to-5K running plan, and the One Hundred Push-ups plan. Please come shout slogans at me.

– My buddy Cord Blomquist talks some sense about net neutrality. Personally, I don’t get all this technology.

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