Phil’s Rule of Threes

The best things come in threes.  Sides of acute triangles.  Busts.  The Trinity.

So it makes sense that in today’s post we discuss three fascinating stories from across this great nation.  (Note, I suggest WaCKers (fans of the blog) read this post in their favorite local newscaster voice.)

1.  Dateline San Francisco.

It’s been a battle among foodies for years.  What’s better:  fried chicken or red velvet cake? The crispy juiciness of tender fried chicken or the soft moisture of delicious red velvet cake?  Though one is an entree and the other is a dessert, deciding between these two menu items has become more than a matter of course.  But thanks to an innovative chef at San Francisco’s American Cupcake restaurant, diners can now have both with the introduction of red velvet fried chicken.  So far it’s been a hit with customers.  What’s next from these creative pastry pros?  Marble bundt cake fried halibut?  Peach cobbler french fries?  Only time will tell.  But until then San Franciscans can rest assured that American Cupcake will capture our imaginations — and our taste buds.

2.  Dateline New York:

The city that never sleeps may want to consider sleeping somewhere else.  You see New Yorkers everywhere, scratching, rubbing, clawing.  Why? No it’s not hipster related relationship problems.  It’s something that can wear much skinnier jeans, or none at all, bed bugs.  As many as 1 in 10 New Yorkers have bed bugs and officials fear things will only get worse.   Some say this as an unintended consequence of the US government’s ban of DDT.  Others say these bed bugs are immune to DDT anyway.  Regardless of the cause, most experts agree we should all take precautions, otherwise New York’s latest newcomers will have all of us scratching our heads for quite some time.

3.  Dateline Allen Park, Michigan

Mr. Irrelevant has never been more interesting.  He’s a wide receiver that’s well under 6 feet tall and weighs 180 pounds soaking wet.  He’s a 25 year old rookie because he spent 2 years on a Mormon mission.  He’s from a little known university in Ogden, Utah, Weber State.  He’s got long blonde hair — in dreadlocks.  He is Tim Toone, the last pick of the 2010 NFL draft and current member of the Detroit Lions.  While the odds of Toone making the team are long, things look good for Weber State product so far.  In the Lions first preseason game, he was the team’s second leading receiver.  If he can keep it up, Toone might be relevant after all.

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