Prison Rape and WWII

Anyone remember Yogi Bear? Prepare to have your wholesome memories scatted all over.

That’s right, kids. Nothing says “childhood memory” like a film poster promoting prison rape. Even the tagline, “Great Things Come In Bears”, is suggestive. Hell, it’s downright lewd. I’m no prude, but really, Hollywood? You’re not even trying anymore.

For his part, Booboo seems to like it, so no harm, no foul? Just get Yogi a pic-i-nic basket and a smoke after. Or he’ll shank you in the shower, faster than the average bear.

In other creepy photography news, Sergey Larenkov, featured on the design blog Core 77, uses computational retrophotography, explained by Wired, to make these images that blur the line between history and today. His whole gallery is worth a look, these are just a couple of my favorites. Anything to wash the taste of bear out of my mouth. Hey, that’s just what Booboo said!

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H/t Jaron.

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