They Have Our Best Interests At Heart

Isn’t government great? Give people virtually limitless access to power and money, and they behave like fine, upstanding people, concerned only with the broader public good. They look out for the little guy. Little guys like Dan Snyder. Tug at my heart strings, SB Nation:

There are innumerable tales of local government perks laid out to professional sports organizations. After all, these entities are high in prestige and drive in a healthy bit of tax revenue. At the same time, these policies usually leave politicians treading uneasily when asked to explain why one company can do something so many others cannot.

And so it is in Prince George’s County, Maryland, where county officials have granted a sparsely explained exception for the Redskins to violate a state law by allowing patrons to smoke and drink in a high-end cigar bar (ahem, “tobacco shop”) located within FedEx Field’s expensive Joe Gibbs Level.

So if you have five grand to lay out for football tickets, you have the privilege of getting around the law in Maryland. The beauty of government. It’s not that I care what the Redskins charge, or whether they allow smoking or not. I don’t. At all. A ‘public health law’ that can be circumvented by money is a joke. But seriously, we should totally trust this class of people to make important choices.

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