Ray Lewis ≥ Lion

Ray Lewis is the greatest middle linebacker ever.  Ray Lewis is a word smith, bottom line. From August to January, his words flow like a river of confusingly inspirational non sequiturs from the Ravens’ Castle in Owings Mills, MD.

Thanks to modern advances in t-shirt design, Ray’s words can now be found in T-Shirt form.  Oh, and did I mention A LION IS INVOVLED?!?!

Behold, the Ray Lewis “Lion T-Shirt”:

That must’ve been a dangerous photo shoot, huh?

Order yours today by emailing  LionOrder52@gmail.com.  Part of the proceeds go to the Ray Lewis Foundation.

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15 Responses to Ray Lewis ≥ Lion

  1. Aaron says:

    I love that it wasn’t bad ass enough, so Ray cut the sleeves off it. WHY DO THEY EVEN MAKE IT WITH SLEEVES?!

  2. Phil Raintree says:

    yeah it’s like making a sabertooth tiger with corks on its fangs

  3. Big Jon says:

    So, how much is the shirt?

  4. Phil Raintree says:

    $25. With shipping and handling and taxes it’s $36.50. Or just go to the home of Ravens training camp, Westminster, MD, and you can get around s/h. Either way you’re buying a piece of history and look like a grade A badass every time you have this shirt on.

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  6. Gloria says:

    How do you think this shirt would look on a girl. I think I want it but maybe a more feminine design would be better. I’m going to buy it anyway and give it as a birthday gift to my father. Great shirt!

    • Phil Raintree says:

      Yeah I could see a chick wearing this to a club maybe, it’s a cool looking graphic tee. You’d want a better cut on the t-shirt though, it just kind of hangs. Great fit for dad though, Gloria. Go Ravens!

  7. Gloria says:

    Thanks Phil,
    I’m going to go ahead and order 2 of them. Maybe get a smaller size for myself. I know I can rock it if not at the club, at the gym.
    Ravens #1!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Phil Raintree says:

    Nice, Gloria.

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  10. Nick says:

    how would I purchase one of these shirts?

  11. Phil Raintree says:

    Just email LionOrder52 at gmail.com, ask for a shirt and they’ll hook you up.

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