Friday Morning Music: Icelandic Post-Rock

Every week we kick off your Friday with a few music videos, loosely grouped around a theme.  For this week’s Friday Morning Music we’re getting outside our comfort zone with some Icelandic Post-Rock.

Did you know Iceland is a giant volcano?

Here’s another fun fact: it’s home to music that, while at first strange, influenced bands we know and love such as Radiohead and Mogwai.  In 1993, Bjork put Iceland on the music map when she released her first studio album Debut. She’s kind of out there- if you need proof I suggest you listen to “Nattura“. Otherwise, “Human Behavior” doesn’t push the musical boundaries too much.  But, be prepared to freak out at the video.

Next up, Sigur Ros.  My favorite band, Sigur Ros truly embodies the Post-Rock genre.  Characterized by minimal vocals, a wide range of dynamics, and loosely plotted compositions, they released their first album in 1999 and quickly became a household name (well, in the realm of unconventional music). Here’s “Agaetis Byrjun”, the title song for their first album.

And their 2005 single, one of their more popular and easily digestible songs, “Hoppipolla”.  The video is worth watching.  It’s a song about being young at heart, and I love that the video communicates this by showing adorable old people behaving like children: jumping in puddles, spray painting walls, and playing tricks on innocent bystanders.

Last up, Mum. Here’s one you may recognize from that winner of a movie Wicker Park called “We Have a Map of The Piano”:

If you’re completely hooked on Icelandic Post-Rock now, feed your craving with Sigur Ros paired with Planet Earth.

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2 Responses to Friday Morning Music: Icelandic Post-Rock

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  2. Evan says:

    I always saw Mum and Sigur Ros as more shoegaze than post-rock. Post-rock for me would be more like Explosions in the Sky, Mogwai, GY!BE, Portugal the Man, Caspian, Do Make Say Think, or This Will Destroy You. More crescendo-oriented and operatic, “like a soundtrack for a tour through Chernobyl” as I’ve heard it described.

    But wow, whatever the genre is, you can’t help but love Sigur Ros. Here’s a 45-minute clip of them playing at MoMA in New York, guaranteed to make your day!

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