WPC Week 3 – Cocktails

It’s already been a long week, who needs a drink? If you want a beer, you should check out the Saison at Mad Fox Brewing, in Falls Church. If mixed drinks are more your style, check out the third iteration of our Weekly Photo Challenge. Click to biggersize.

Bombay+Q - Aaron

So Good You'll See Stars - Mr. Fantastic

A Tall Dark Stranger - Dan S.

I'd take a Bulleit for you - PicantePants

It's All About the Limes - Aaron

American Pale and Kolsch - Aaron

Finally, reader Nick offers this unique, and NSFW, interpretation of the theme. Click if you want to be offended. Excelsior.

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  1. Mr. Fantastic says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAH! Nick wins a gold star. Amazing…..

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