The WaCK 263rd Post Reunion Special

Yeah, the title is a Simpsons reference. Wanna fight about it? Ring-ring, hello? Oh, it’s for you. It’s a LINKDUMP!

– Josh Barro says Oakland can’t afford cops. At least, these cops.

We talked about the Old Spice guy winning the internet. Best of all, he offers Obama some advice. That disgusting little rat snake George Stephanopoulos!

– Glenn Reynolds on how to take photos in public places, and not get harassed.

РI saw Inception. I loved it. Despite that, this parody made me laugh. Possible spoilers.

– I want a dog. No, I want THIS DOG. Then I’ll build a wall, and we’ll be ever so happy together. I love you, Wall Dog.

The Decisions before The Decision.

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  1. Naah. You want this dog. Really. Trust me!

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