Trophy Burrito

Bringing burritos to Bethesdans

All wonderful, life-fulfilling, get-me-out-of-bed-every-morning experiences have to come to an end sometime. No, I could not possibly be talking about finishing off all 20 Chipotles mid-way through July; we do have day jobs people. I am unfortunately talking about the conclusion of the World Cup, and not a particularly happy one if you have called the Dutch your second team since you were 14 and and learning how to properly pronounce Ajax from within walking distance of their stadium. So after suffering through a fairly unentertaining defeat at the Wing Hub, which turned out to be a pretty good place for watching after we totally underestimated the dedication of the Bethesda soccer bar crowds, a medicinal burrito was needed.

A new feature I haven’t noticed at

You can do the math now

any of the other D.C. area locations was the caloric breakdown for every single item on the menu. So now, when you are debating sour cream or no sour cream, perhaps you will base your choice on whether it specifically tips the scale you have established in your mind for your burrito limit. Now, if the war on salt that is currently being waged in New York finds any insane level of success, its effects will virally spread nationwide like flat-brimmed Yankees hats and knock-off handbags. If Chipotles and restaurants like them are ever forced to display the sodium content of each item, especially in percentage of daily value terms, no, it will not be encouraging to think about the implications for your cardiovascular health.   However, just as I choose to accept the dangers of the beltway on a regular basis, I will forge ahead with eating burritos in moderation, albeit a little less moderation lately, because it is one of the ways I have chosen to savor life, and I am not going to worry myself out of enjoying it.

Our serene corner

We were very pleased to visit this particular location during the summer break from school since I have it on good authority from an affiliate of Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School that those kids taking off-campus lunch turn into absolute hooligans during their 30 min speed-eating lunch period. The word on Woodmont Ave. is that these kids come sprinting in there right at the prime lunch hour, and because they have no time to spare, they cut straight to the front of the line. So this peaceful summer Sunday spared me the desire to yank some floppy haired kid out of line and teach him a thing or two about manners and burrito line protocol. I think our beautiful round booth beckoning with food shows what a soothing end to a disappointing day it proved to be.

  • Today’s menu: Chicken burrito bowl, black beans, red and green tomatillo salsa, cheese and lettuce.
  • Flavor: A+ (I know I constantly preach about the beauty of the consistency of Chipotle, but they are doing something a little different at this location. The corn salsa had a nice sweetness to it and the heat in the burrito was in perfect balance.)
  • Soundtrack: A (It was spicier than normal, to the point that Phil was shaking a bag of tortilla chips like a maraca.)
  • Clientele: N/A to grade (It is not the restaurant’s fault that some weird kid apparently studying physics in a very loud environment called me out as a tourist taking pictures inside with a pretty rude tone, but I didn’t appreciate that guy.)

Location Tip – Perhaps you are looking for a cheaper dinner and a show option than the typical night in the downtown theater district. Try a pre-theater burrito followed by one of the shows at the Round House Theatre. A perfect end to the night could be a short stroll back down Old Georgetown Road to Lilit Cafe to enjoy their delicious and fairly economical gelato. Plus, according to some studies, if you are one of the 1 in 111 adults suffering from some type of gluten allergy, they are made to be gluten free.

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  1. Jon says:

    The calorie breakdown must be a new addition… interesting. Im pretty sure they would never feature my burrito and all 1200 calories of wonderful it represents.

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