Friday Morning Music: Check the Technique, 311 in DC

Every week we kick off your Friday with a few music videos, loosely grouped around a theme. This week, Friday Morning Music is inspired Mr. McGibblets’ obsession for 311 and the concert he’s going to tonight. Hey, that’s me!

For the past week, I’ve been like a 7-year-old the week before Christmas. I normally act like a child but when 311 comes to town, the immaturity and excitement kicks into another gear. Tonight 311 will be headlining a tour that includes The Offspring and Pepper. Yes, 311 is still a band and they’re damn good, too. I never thought I would like a band that includes rock, rap, reggae and a bit of dancehall, but 311 does it and they do it with an energy that shows they want to be on stage every night. Remembered for their work in the 90s, (Beautiful Disaster, Down, All Mixed Up) and their 2001 single “Amber”, their latest album Uplifter is only a year old.

Followers of 311 are not unlike those that followed the Grateful Dead. Their songs aren’t on the airwaves but the venue will be packed. Everyone is there to see 311 and everyone knows the words. The moshing isn’t rough; it’s an organism jumping up and down, as one, in celebration. Trying to put my bias aside, it’s one of the best live shows you can see. And every even year they play a 5-hour, 60-some song setlist on March 11th. I went in New Orleans in 2008: 14,000 fans from 50 different states and 12 countries. It was one of the coolest experiences of my life.

That being said, let’s watch some 311.

We’ll start off with a classic. It’s also the only song that I know on GuitarHero.

This next one is a staple of every setlist and has one of the most elaborate drum solos you’ll ever see that includes participation from the entire band. It’s long, but worth watching. You can fast forward to 4:20 if you wish. It’s called “Applied Science” and this video comes from this summer’s tour.

Next, something a little mellower. You’ve probably heard “Amber” before so here’s one called “Champagne.”

For you stoners, you’ve got “Who’s got the Herb” and “My Stoney Baby.”

We’ll end on a heavier note. This one’s called, “Freeze Time.”

As a libertarian bonus, I can’t leave out “Don’t Tread on Me

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