Another “isolated incident”

Carlos Miller over at Photography Is Not A Crime reports today of a woman who called the police when she thought she saw a prowler. The response of those hired to “protect and serve” was to pepper spray and taser her several times. What did she do wrong? Legally… nothing. Apparently they were punishing her for not telling them what they wanted to know.

Both of the scum (Ryan Smith and Tim Murphy) involved in this incident no longer work for the department but Smith has been hired by a neighboring county as an officer. Look out Chattahoochee county, if you call 911 you may end up getting tortured.

In a rare moment of honesty we get to see what goes on inside the heads of some police officers when the officer who tasered the woman said that he would likely do it again to “get control of the situation”. There you have it folks, that is what it is all about, control. Not upholding the law, not protecting a citizen from violent offenders but control.

I eagerly await danieldamienm/damian921’s justification for why she was somehow in the wrong, because “what balls or right do you (meaning me) have questioning an officer of the law on what law they can or cannot enforce at their discretion?”

Oh, that’s right. I have all the rights and balls to question officers. Always.

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3 Responses to Another “isolated incident”

  1. Be sure you get it on film when you get the chance to express your anti-establishment, anti-police, completely unrealistic and biased hateful attitude towards ALL the police in the world (since you take no responsible lisence with what you publish and distinguish between the officers who deserve your criticism and those who do not and deserve all of our praise). Get it on film, because we’ll either see you, acting like a hateful prejudiced fool, treated respectfully but according to the law- or we’ll see you encounter just the kind of cops you should singularly be talking about- AND THEN we’re all in for a laugh when they beat the living daylights out of you. LOL!

    But that’s what you’d like isn’t it? So you can make some kind of wierdly hateful point against all the police officers in the country?

    All of which, and I’ll say it again- all of which have more balls than you do for sitting by the sidelines criticizing when you don’t have the courage to put on a badge and go out there to face morons like yourself and worse- all to protect and serve.

    Again- Not all police are as you would have your hate mongering describe.

    I extend you an invitation… Come to NYC, stand at the foot of Ground Zero and publicly declare the garbage you do on your blog.


    P.S. Not bothering to look at the video- they were fired by your own account- good enough for me.

  2. Prodigal Son says:

    I am done responding to this attack. I have said over and over that I don’t hate individual police officers but I think the incentives in place cause for adverse effects and that they way we do law enforcement in the United States is inefficient and brings about negative consequences. If you would like to actually have a discussion about the way law enforcement is done I would gladly participate, but attacking me with wishing harm upon me is not a real discussion.

    • Aaron says:


      But seriously, how does one get rehired after something like this? I’ve only been fired once, from a waiting job years and years ago because the manager forgot to pass out the schedule, and threw me under the bus the next morning when I didn’t show. I got fired, he got fired a month later. In that month he bad-mouthed me to every restaurant in town. This guy got hired to do the same job with this kind of record? Priorities, man.

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