National Lampoon Burrito

Chevy Chase Chipotle

Fancy Schmancy Chipotle

This week’s Chipotle adventure was another post-softball trip and our first foray into The Old Line State. We dropped in on the trendy Chevy Chase/Friendship Heights crowd We had heard a rumor that all the burritos in this glitzy location come wrapped in aluminum stamped with a Louis Vuitton logo. I have to say, this was the nicest Chipotle I have ever been in before, with certain flourishes that added a bit more uniqueness to the interior from the typical set-up. Tables shaped like surfboards and wavy ceiling accents are not much I guess, but they did seem to add

Full surfboard

more ambiance to this large space. However, we chose to sit outside and enjoy the nice temperatures that night on the patio with some margaritas.

Wavy accents

We finally broke through the margarita wall. The order seemed to stupefy the workers behind the counter as they scrambled to find someone who was able to make them for us. I think the recipe was a bit stupefying as well as there was only a scant trace of any kind of lime or even sweet and sour taste to them. Nonetheless, we enjoyed our fresh made margaritas on the patio just the same because it felt like one of those truly perfect summer nights when it just seems wrong to be doing anything other than eating and drinking outside.

  • Today’s Menu: Chicken burrito, black beans, red-tomatillo salsa, corn salsa, cheese, and lettuce.
  • Layout: A (Lots of glass, a large space, and varying seating options make the whole place feel extremely open.)
  • Late night crowd: B+ (When the place was empty as we walked in at 9:20, I would have thought we would have it to ourselves all night. Strangely enough the rush began right after us and it was mostly mothers with their 12 year-olds on summer break.)
  • Liquor: C+ (I saw three kinds go into the margaritas, may have been one too many.) Ed. Note: Aaron quite liked the Margaritas, they were strong and salty, just like he likes his men. Ed Note on the Ed Note: Not true.

Margarita mixing

Location tip: You could shop until your credit limit cries out for relief. If you are feeling generous, I would love a watch, Phil needs some new pants, our guest-eater of the night, Annie, will take some new shoes, and for Aaron, well he has always enjoyed some sparkle.

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