Outsourcing Your Chores

Well, maybe kids won’t directly advantage from this business since the assistant isn’t physically there to help with assigned household tasks, but outsourcing phone calls, research for vacations and subscriptions, and having a personal assistant available for anything that doesn’t need to be done in-person has sure helped adults these days. Many virtual assistants are located half way around the world in India. Here’s an example of one setup:

Image courtesy Unbound Spiral.

To log into AskSunday, a New York-based firm that uses India-based assistants, clients could use a Google or Facebook account. It offers a series of templates for specific requests and an upload function that lets you, for instance, attach a copy of a phone bill to a request for disputing a charge. The form for a food order, for example, prompts users for the delivery date and time, restaurant name and menu items, to help speed up the process.

Technology wins again, enabling us to have more leisure time, sleep more, or maybe even find a regular time to exercise all at the price of a small monthly fee or per request basis.

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2 Responses to Outsourcing Your Chores

  1. Sriram says:

    It could be possible that you dispute a phone bill and Indian food gets delivered to your place :).

    • Aaron says:

      So, win/win! I ordered the lamb rogan josh with the lower monthly payment, not the extra data plan and garlic nan!

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