Too Bad Star Trek is Socialist….

…’cause this is awesome.  Unfortunately, ST is SocialisTic….

And so is this–like, 10 times more awesome, especially since it’s DC and vaguely libertarian related in a contrarian way!

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4 Responses to Too Bad Star Trek is Socialist….

  1. Prodigal Son says:

    I think you are a little hard on Star Trek. While it is true that most of the show appears socialist I believe much of this is because of two facts. One, the focus of the show is on the military which is always generally always socialist. Secondly, they live in a world of infinite resources due to technology. The replicators allow the transformation of any molecule into other more advanced molecules, this presents a world where food, water, shelter, etc is not limited and is what Hayek (I think… maybe Mises or Rothbard… it was one of the Austrian economists) would call simply “the human condition”. In a world where food is as available as air the economics greatly change. In fact, this eliminates the whole economic foundation which is the distribution of limited resources because resources are relatively unlimited.

  2. Mr. Fantastic says:

    I don’t know much about Star Trek, but it seems like you may have a point (unless some Trekkie out there can point out how these utopian benefits were created by their government vs. a market innovation).

    What about the Borgs or whatever the hell they’re called? I’ve heard they are a metaphor for hard communism, to show how THAT is too far and–though viable–a poor choice compared to the enlightened, fun-loving Federation.

  3. Let’s all remember- the Federation and the non-monetary based society that came about – only came about in the Star Trek storyline because thew world as we know it now, ended. “The Great War” was it? See the episodes involving the first warp flight- the world was in a non-governed barter trade state. Someoen blew it all up. Which is what’s predicted for what we got going on now- according to the visionaries of Star Trek… and if you think a TV show can’t make social predictions and all this is laughable… well take a closer look- they predicted the flip phone in the tri-corder and the iPhone in later series.


    • Aaron says:

      Yes, because we have SUCH a free market now. Whereas, in our recent, government-monopolized past, we had two ‘great wars’, countless smaller ones, directed famines, and came within a hairs breadth of nuclear annihilation. Such realism in entertainment is hardly realistic.

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