A philosophically satisfying drink…

My occasional friends over at Campus Progress (a project of Center for American Progress) has come out with a helpful little guide for this 4th of July weekend. Though I don’t think I will be using it the way they intended. You see, they have come out with an article that highlights alcohol that is “labor friendly” in hopes that people will purchase it for that purpose alone. They do point out an interesting fact… apparently the United Autoworkers Union are a major player in the beverage industry. I guess making cars and drinking booze are closely related.

I am happy to say that my weekend beverages are not “labor friendly”, instead they come from organizations that recognize an individuals right to freely associate and contract whatever terms they wish. These breweries refuse to cave to union violence and threats.

So what will I be drinking? Well when the sun is still high in the sky and the grill filled with brats I will be enjoying my favorite light summer brew. As the sun sets and fireworks light up the sky only a nice red will due and once the stars take over the sky and the nightlife begins it will be time to consume something with a little more class.

So what freedom drinks will you be enjoying this weekend to celebrate the colonists telling the British king to go f*ck himself?

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3 Responses to A philosophically satisfying drink…

  1. Aaron says:

    Can we turn this into a BEER THREAD? My favorite all-time beer is Alaskan Amber, sadly it’s very tough to come by if you live east of, say, California.

    • Aaron says:


      “Knob Creek, Jim Beam, Windsor, Wild Turkey, Ancient Age, Evan Williams, Kentucky Gentleman, Old Crow, Old Fitz; the list is nearly endless. Only Jack Daniels and Makers Mark are noticeably absent. Let the Mint Juleps flow!”

      Knob Creek is the only good one on that list. I like bourbons, but I wouldn’t drink any of that other crap unless it was the only booze in a bar AND it was free.

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