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Friday Morning Music: Roots Rock!

Every Friday we start your day off with a series of videos, loosely gathered around a theme. This week, what could broadly be called Roots Rock! Roots rock is a big field, and I’m not presuming to say this is … Continue reading

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The     Fatal     Conceit. PDF New Healthcare. ht Independent Women’s Forum

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WPC Week 4 – Windows

Maybe it’s inevitable that this week, when I wrote about how religion and science are two windows onto the same world, we have a photo assignment about windows. This one was the hardest so far; windows are all around us, … Continue reading

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Your Sales Figures Are Now Diamonds!

Follow-up on the awesome Old Spice social media experiment from Adfreak: The applause for Old Spice’s incredible YouTube blitz this month hadn’t even died down when critics started panning the effort as ineffective.Rushing to judgment, some bloggers cited 52-week sales figures from … Continue reading

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Too-Close Tuesdays!

Yep, it’s the late edition of the too-close tuesday fun factory.  T!T!

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Two Windows

How religion and science are complementary, not antagonistic. Continue reading

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CNN is “more disgusting than the porno version of Precious.”

Those are the immortal words of Josh Zerkle (second item from bottom). The cable news outlet provoked his ire because they recently called for a crackdown against free speech. Wipe your feet on the Constitution, Newsbusters: Anchors Kyra Phillips and … Continue reading

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The Judiciary – Conservative/Libertarian Battleground

What should the Supreme Court do? Since at least the 60’s, Liberals have been accused of being “activists”, with conservatives arguing for judicial “restraint”. In law school, I wrote a long treatment of this debate, tracking the idea that progressives … Continue reading

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Principles of the Commentariat

What’s the motivating principle behind liberalism? Or conservatism? Libertarians can boil it down to ‘liberty’, and explain adherence to that principle in academic, empirical, philosophical, and practical terms. But as much as I talk about the problems with libs and … Continue reading

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Friday Morning Music: Icelandic Post-Rock

Every week we kick off your Friday with a few music videos, loosely grouped around a theme.  For this week’s Friday Morning Music we’re getting outside our comfort zone with some Icelandic Post-Rock. Did you know Iceland is a giant … Continue reading

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