Creative Cynicism

In light of recent disasters, I can’t help but notice that new technology and social media like Twitter has enhanced our cynicism. Or maybe we’re just finding more creative ways to lighten the generally dark mood regarding our economic and environmental troubles. Or both. From the faux BP public relations twitter feed, BPGlobalPR, here are a couple of gems:

We have begun the process of collecting our crude oil in biodegradable spill-proof containers: pelicans.

NASA image courtesy the MODIS Rapid Response Team.

In the metric system “barrels” are called “rugamuffins“. So 60,000 rugamuffins a day…pretty adorable, huh?

If the public is willing to call tar balls “fancy BP pearls“, we are willing to admit that they exist.

Sure, some of the humor is a little forced, but I still came away chuckling about a few witty tweets.

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2 Responses to Creative Cynicism

  1. Aaron says:

    The best fake twitter I’ve seen was the guy who runs the fake Jesus account. Just before Easter he typed “Gonna be hanging around for a few days…”. On Easter Sunday he tweeted “Don’t call it a comeback.”

    Funny and huge cajones.

  2. smilingcynic says:

    Cynicism: A philosophy characterised by the mistrust and disbelief of everything and every body. It is most common amongst the intellectually elite. It is a degree of perspicacity to which we should all aspire.

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