The Proud Burrito

Dupont Chipotle

Dupont Chipotle

Stepping back in time a little ways since watching soccer has been dominating every free moment of my time over the last two weeks. Following all the insanity that was the day of celebrating the U.S. vs. England game two Saturdays ago, we managed to find our way, in extremely roundabout fashion, all the way across Dupont Circle to sample the neighborhood’s burrito wares. The Capital Pride Parade had begun by that point, so we were able to bring some extra joy to other Chipotle patrons by sharing some of the strings of beads that we had caught on our way up.  To enter this location you walk over a Chili Paversort of gangway that is stamped with the familiar chili pepper and then between two signs that appear as though they would be at the Hill Valley Chipotle in Back to the Future: Part II.

Space-agey signs

The crowd inside was a giddy mix of overheated, tipsy soccer fans and people prepped for the parade in some very eye-catching outfits. This location was friendly and inviting, but to a fault. Because the door was propped open to invite people in, it was nearly the same sweltering mess inside as it was outside. However, that did not stop the employees from building those burritos is the same speedy manner to which we are so accustomed. In honor of the super patriotic day that had been, we made sure to plant a flag in the burrito bowl and claim it as our territory, Far and Away style (apparently only Italians like this scene enough to post it on YouTube.)

One small forkful for man...

The most notable element of the interior of this Chipotle is one of the odder sculptures we have come across. It is essentially the regular Aztec warrior guy seemingly strangling a squid/octopus creature while a serpent perched on his head gets a real kick out of it. As I study this picture now, I see that it truly is just the guy’s weird stringy fingers hanging down from the orb-like shape he is holding, but in that moment, our group got great enjoyment from the squidicide we concluded we were witnessing.

As we left this Chipotle, we began a whirlwind journey that took us straight up P St. against the parade route, allowing for maximum viewing including the big finale of the D.C. Cowboys. This is also about the time that we adopted a new friend, one Mr. FlagFace. We probably earned as many stares as anyone that day as we walked the four miles home to Clarendon with a man with a flag on his head, all the while turning any two-syllable word or phrase that popped into our heads into the Ole song. Paaa-Rade, Pa-Rade, Pa-Rade, Pa-Raaade, Paa-Rade, Paa-Rade! Flaaag-Face, Flag-Face, Flag-Face, Flag-Faaace, Flaag-Face, Flaag- Face! Even after stopping for frozen yogurt in Georgetown, Fro-Yo, Fro-Yo, Fro-Yo, Fro-Yo, Fro-yo, Fro-yo. Yeah, we were annoying.



  • Today’s Menu: Chicken burrito, black beans, red-tomatillo and corn salsas, cheese, s/c, lettuce.
  • Temperature: D- (No door to the outside world should ever be open in 90 degree weather.)
  • Serving Showmanship: B+ (The good feelings of that day did not stop at the ordering counter; even those who had to work seemed to be having a good time.)
  • Spookiness: A (If that warrior really was strangling a squid, that would be pretty messed up for a place with a kid’s menu.)

Location Tip: Everyone knows there are about a million places to hang out in Dupont Circle. The farmer’s market is one of the biggest in the city every Sunday all year long, but it is pretty packed most of the time. If you are looking for a warm summer night relaxing on a rooftop but just don’t care to wait two and a half hours for Lauriol Plaza, stroll across the street to Straits of Malaya and drink Tiger beers with fried jack fruit instead. Of course, there is always Capital Pride Parade 2011 to look forward to as well.

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