Friday-Morning Music: Stones Throw Edition

Every Friday we’ll kick off your day with some video suggestions, loosely gathered around a theme. This week: Stones Throw Records. They have some amazing artists–here’s a sample to help you bump on your Friday.

Jaylib ft. Frank-n-Dank, McNasty Filth: If you ever want to move a party from on-the-chain to off said chain, play this.  Jaylib is better know as Jay Dee.

MF Doom, Dead Bent: My favorite–MF Doom (a.k.a. Madvillain, Danger Doom, King Keedorah, Viktor Vaughn, Danger Mouse, etc.).

Quasimoto, Rappcats Pt. 3: Lord Quas gives you a hip-hopistery lesson over a beat that is hard to tap out–I dare you to try.

MF Grimm, Scars and Memories: Sad song by MF Grimm after he and his brother were shot.  His brother dies, and Grimm was paralyzed from the waist down.  Check out this amazing interview on Fresh Air.

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3 Responses to Friday-Morning Music: Stones Throw Edition

  1. 1. youre freakin buggin or youre making a statement of redundancy- right? that sh*t is ridunkulous grabbage.

    2. now… the beat is truly tight- and the rhymes- my god they take me back to the days of true hip hop- before gangster rap- and he is truly talented- BUT! wtf is up with the mask- the bum fashion statement and the bald SPOT!!!

    3. really? Nice clips but do we have a use for this?

    4. 2 seconds into it- slow and depressing. forget it- never listening to it.

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