Broker’s Gin. This review makes me drool.


Wonder if Virginia’s crappy state run liqour stores have it? Maybe I’ll to go to the nicer, private ones across the river in the District.

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  1. Jake G says:

    Holla. Nice video – I haven’t heard anything about this (and I even worked on McDonnell’s campaign). What is interesting is that Jerry Kilgore (who ran, unsuccessfully, against the preceding Governor, Tim Kaine) came to one of my classes, and I asked him explicitly why we weren’t privatizing ABC. He said that he was in a press conference years ago, when he was Attorney General, and someone asked him a revenue question, off-hand, and he said, “I don’t know – maybe we should look into privatizing ABC.” He said people freaked, they put him in the Richmond Times Dispatch – denouncing the loss of jobs/state revenue, etc, and his press advisor said that he should never say that again.

    Interesting what you can do with a reactionary voter base… also it’s interesting what the effect of a one-term-limit governorship has.

    • Aaron says:

      The cost is a strange issue. It would bring in somewhere near $500 M in onetime revenue, about five years worth of operating profits. Given that I feel the state should cut spending anyway, I would take that trade off. The bigger issue is service.

      There are something in the neighborhood of 1200 places in Northern Virginia alone with licences to sell beer and/or wine, which could almost immediately start selling liquor as well. There are only 350 ABC stores in the whole state. So it would be an easier and more pleasant experience all around, and would greatly broaden the taxable sales base, offsetting the tax loss to some unknown amount.

      You can also play around with this formula, and increase the alcohol tax slightly. Customers could still pay less, the state could rake in nearly as much, AND cut overhead costs to almost zero. Sounds like a win all around, or damn close.

  2. Mr. Fantastic says:

    Excellent video. I live in VA. After living in DC for two years, I couldn’t figure out why all the liquor stores in VA sucked so hard until a friend informed me that they were all government owned and operated. I thought–with a twinge of free-market pride mixed with a jigger of sadness at the loss of convenience, quality and price–“Well, that explains it.”

  3. Thomas Merrill says:

    I enjoy buying quality liquor at the gas station down the street here in Augusta. They also sell a peculiar brand of cigarello for a tax-evading 99 cents per pack, although I don’t smoke and so cannot comment on the quality of these.

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