Bootleggers and Baptists

Part of the purpose of this little endeavor is to explain what motivates a small group of young(ish) libertarians and fellow travelers to live, work, and play in the lion’s den. Sometimes that means policy, sometimes politics. Other times it’s our artistic inspiration, or our outrage at injustice.

One of my deepest joys since moving to Washington has been the opportunity to work with Dr. Bruce Yandle. A brilliant scholar and wonderful man, Dr. Yandle is an exceptional communicator, clearly and thoughtfully explaining the ideas and ideals that drive our love of liberty. This new video from gives an insight into one of his seminal works, the Bootleggers and Baptists theory of ‘durable regulation’.

The video shows both the depth and breadth of Dr. Yandle’s knowledge and insights, but also captures his gentle humility. Yesterday I blogged in my professional capacity about a recent presentation Dr. Yandle made to Hill staffers, and how his insights counter some interventionist economic ideals.

As always, excellent work from the team.

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