Actually {Vanity} Fair and Balanced

This great interview with Penn Jillette–of Penn & Teller fame–sounds pretty familiar to me, being a libertarian surrounded by LoLF’s (lots of liberal friends (I just made that up (no one else likes my acronyms))).

Often, in casual conversations, friends will pick up on how we libertarians are fairly open minded, like individual rights, hate big corporations that abuse the political process, etc.  But then, they’ll find out I didn’t vote for Obama (“Gasp!”) or that I disagree with how healthcare was overhauled (“Why do you hate poor people!?”).  As Mr. Spitznagel says of Penn, after hearing he was doing a conservative talk show,

He’s just never seemed like the kind of guy who’d shuck n’ jive for anybody, much less the Right.


The interview is great, and you can almost feel the Vanity Fair interviewer’s world view expanding as he realizes there are not-too-crazy views outside of the left-or-right spectrum.  If I’m not mistaken, I believe Penn doesn’t shuck for the left or right–he’s sure sounds like he’s shuckin’ for team libertarian.

[Spitznagel] There really is a line-in-the-sand political mentality these days, isn’t there? You choose a side and you stick to it.

[Teller] Absolutely there is. When I disagree with Obama, people always say, “Well, you’re a big Bush guy then.” And I’m like no, I didn’t like Bush either. I disagree with Bush and Obama on all the stuff they agree on, which is pretty much everything. They both want to kill people, they both want the government to be bigger, and they both want less freedom for individuals.

I guess that’s why I have such a problem with the Tea Party. They don’t have the same consistency in their arguments that you do. If they really want the government out of their lives, why weren’t they complaining about Bush using their money for an unjustified war?

That’s a good point.

It is just a coincidence that we have a black president and now they’re fed up with big government? Taxing us for an expensive and pointless war in Iraq is fine, but don’t you dare use my taxes to pay for universal health care!

But it cuts both way. We’re killing more people under Obama than we did under Bush, and where the fuck is the anti-war movement?


The only difference between Obama and Bush is that Obama is killing more people. He’s about double the numbers now. Can you imagine if McCain had won and did precisely what Obama has done, with every speech and every political maneuver overseas? There’d be riots in the streets about the people we’re killing. And yet because it’s Obama, and he’s better looking and better at reading the teleprompter, we let him get away with it.

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