What?! LoTR, Libertarians and the Daily Show? Yes Please.

Good ‘ol Messieurs SominJohn Stewart and Ian Murray provide some sweet, sweet analogizing about Lord of the Rings and government power here.

As Somin states on The Volokh Conspiracy,

The necessity of destroying the Ring of Power (as opposed to having it wielded by a benevolent ruler, as proposed by several characters at different points in the story) drives home the point.

John Stewart starts the whole thing by criticizing President Obama for using the same unethical and overreaching tactics that Bush 2.0 used.

I suggest watching this whole thing, but the LoTR stuff begins at minute 7:30’ish.   “You’re Mr. Frodo!”

[editor’s note–I mistakenly ascribed the above wonderful Volokh Conspiracy blog comments to Volokh, when in fact said wonderful commentary was by none other than the fantastic Ilya Somin.  My apologies!]

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4 Responses to What?! LoTR, Libertarians and the Daily Show? Yes Please.

  1. Aaron says:

    Welcome back Johnny. You’re much better as a watchdog, or a hypocrite-spotter, than you were as an administration cheerleader.

  2. Ilya Somin says:

    The person who wrote the VC post on this was not Eugene Volokh, but me.

    -Ilya SOmin

  3. Mr. Fantastic says:

    Of course! My sincerest apologies. The post has been updated.

    Great work, Ilya!

  4. Damian921 says:

    part of my weekday staple, this was a brilliant one indeed. Hilarious!

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