Friday Morning Music – For Geeks!

Every Friday we deliver a series of videos loosely based around  a theme. This week, music to rock your inner geek. Or nerd.

Jonathan Coulton – Still Alive This video is the end credits for a game called Portal, which is one of the best video games ever.

The Sword – To Take the Black A song based on the Night’s Watch, “an organization dedicated to defending the realms of Westeros in George R. R. Martin’s epic fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire.” Nerd out, Wikipedia! Also, I realize I’m pushing the definition of “video” here. I don’t care.

Greg Pattillo – Super Mario Theme A guy from Brooklyn’s Project Trio plays the flute and beatboxes.

MC Frontalot – It Is Pitch Dark The guy who coined “nerdcore” wraps that “dwarf shot first”. Yeah I know. Whatever. His rhymes are tight. And geeky.

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  1. Jake says:

    Nerd video addendum
    In preparation for next month’s sequel, I thought it was appropriate to post this gem:

    Funny or Die Featured Videos from Funny or Die

    Funny or Die Featured Videos from Funny or Die

    Also, one of the oldest and nerdiest youtube DJs:

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