Dcist and Men vs. Women

I’ve followed local blogs, in several locals, for quite a while. DCist stands head and shoulders above most of them. Editor-in-chief Sommer Mathis, who I’ve criticized before but deeply respect, is stepping down. From her farewell post:

I’m afraid if I start to name all the individual people who have helped me turn DCist into what it is today — a respected name and news gathering organization with 2.5 million pageviews every month and growing — the crying jag I’ve been trying to stave off all day will finally set in. So to those of you who were there in the bar that day, those of you who came on board since then, and those of you who will stick around to carry DCist into the future: You know who you are, and I can’t thank you enough for allowing me to spend the last three years involved in the most fulfilling professional experience I’ve ever had.

To the readers, and especially the commenters, I must also say a million thank yous. DCist would not be what it is without your contributions, excellent tips, biting humor, incessant whining, constant nitpicking, and seemingly bottomless supply of Star Wars and Simpsons references. I don’t think I’ll ever, for the rest of my days, be able to hear someone shout across a room to a friend who just happens to be named “Molly” without smiling quietly to myself. There is something almost magical, in a deeply funny and surely perverted way, about what unfolds every day in the DCist comments. I will miss you all, badly.

Mathis did an excellent job, and will be missed. Vaya con Dios.

The throwaway Simpsons reference made me think of something. Most guys I know can quote movies, tv shows, books or jokes off the top of their heads. Most girls I know cannot. Is this a recurring pattern other people notice? If one were simple and cruel, one could claim girls aren’t, as a group, funny. Is that fair? Unfair? Is it all relative? I would argue this video:

is funnier than this one:

Accidental? Bigoted? Funny?

Also, what’s your favorite Simpsons episode? And quote? My favorite episode is when Homer becomes the union boss. It’s too hard to pick my favorite quote, but anyone who likes the Broncos immediately gets a “Awww, the Denver Broncos! You just don’t understand football, Marge.”

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  1. It’s “vaya con dios” via is something else- “I’m traveling through Europe, via the railway system” Vaya is also like say Alriiiiiight! if used alone or with the word Hombre attached like- Alright man!

  2. Aaron says:

    Ha thanks for the translating. Took German, not Spanish. Guess it shows.

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