Best Seats in the House

While it was no Stras-fest like the game Phil Raintree attended on Tuesday, I was fortunate enough to attend the Wednesday meeting between the Nationals and my beloved Pittsburgh Pirates. The Buccos lost in a game that saw 4 lead changes and a few web gems by the Nationals outfield, but I still left content. But this post is not about the game. It’s to determine from reader input what really are the best seats in the house at Nationals Park, according to my experience Wednesday night.

Experience 1: Upon arriving at the ballpark with my girlfriend, parents, and twin sister, I was confronted by a gentleman who was having trouble scalping his 2 company seats (something about why would anyone volunteer to watch the Nationals and Pirates play when little league games are free of charge plus you can score a few ice pops and
Capri Suns while you’re there) so he gave them to us for free. Turns out he handed us front row seats, right in front of 1st base, peaking into the dugout. I’ve never seen a major league game that close up, and now I’ve seen the light that the face value on those tickets are definitely worth it.

Experience 2: Our original plan, and the section we ended up purchasing our 3 other tickets in, was the left field bleachers. Wait for it. Sitting 3 seats away from. Wait for it. Wait for it… (hint: it’s worth it) Bill Nye the Science Guy. Yes, the Bill Nye the Science Guy. The only reason we first noticed him was my girlfriend seemed to bring her 1990s PBS Programming Guide Radar and after a brief debate we determined it was in fact the Science Guy. Turns out he doesn’t always wear a lab coat and bow tie. I was able to catch him with my camera while he was taking a picture of his own with his iPhone (or what looked like an iPhone and is more likely to be some experimental prototype he made in his lab 18 years ago out of baking soda, copper wire, and a stack of newspapers.)

So, here’s where the rubber meets the road. What are better seats? Front row by the dugout where you can see the beads of sweat on the infielders, or out in the nose-bleeds with a man who’s only second to maybe LaVar Burton. Butterfly in the sky? Bill Nye can go twice as high.

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4 Responses to Best Seats in the House

  1. Dude, once in a while its ok to sit that low, but really, there are only two groups of people who want to sit there- 1. those who feel good about flaunting the amount of money they can throw away and 2. the ladies (and guys too I guess) who like to watch their favorite players lean over on their knees and make their pants go tight while they wait for the next pitch. If you really want to watch the game in my opinion- you get mid level seats that give you some angle over the field but don’t leave you that far away either. The price of those front row seats in my opinion- are a huge rip off for the view they provide.

    • Aaron says:

      The thing is, at Nats games you don’t have to pay to sit that low. You can wait ’til the third or fourth inning, walk down, and sweet talk an usher. Once they realize no one is coming, they don’t usually care. I’ve done this four or five times. Most I’ve ever paid is 25 bucks for a ticket.

  2. Mr. Fantastic says:

    Uhhh, BILL NYE! DUDE! Best baseball game ever!

  3. 3d tetris says:

    awsome, nice to his face again after ages.

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