Theme Music – PicantePants!

Theme Music! Each week, we give you a bit more background on one of our writers. What makes them tick, what makes them sick, and what’s their favorite John Lee Hooker album. Than we play the music that should play every time they walk out on a talk show stage. This week, Southern-born Yankee and burrito expert, PicantePants!

You’re from all over the place; tell me the best thing about the south, compared to the north. Crabs. I can’t get enough of Maryland crabs.

And what’s the best thing they have over us? Politeness. It’s a cliché because its true. Southerners are more formal and polite and that’s something I miss. And sausage-gravy.

What’s your dream job? Zoo keeper. Or food critic. I can’t decide.

Favorite band. Scott Miller & the Commonwealth. He’s the best.

You have a fetish for older men, huh? IT’S NOT A FETISH. I just think Carey Grant and Gary Williams are superfine.

PicantePants Motor = Running

Most embarrassing accident? I was wrestling Phil Raintree, and I went to kick him in the face. Unfortunately, my knee hit me in my mouth, and knocked my tooth out. I had to wait two whole days to get to a dentist, and now I have a fake tooth.

You love the beautiful game, so who’s your pick in the world cup? Argentina. Even though their coach is terrible? Yes. But if they crap out because of Maradona, I’m going with the Netherlands, and their beautiful orange.

Phil Raintree thinks of PP every time he watches Madagascar, which is surprisingly frequently. Jerome has seen her play soccer, and thinks more descriptive music is in order. Ultimately, PicantePants has a touch of the elegant past about her, and when she enters a room, she longs to hear the strains of Glenn Miller.

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2 Responses to Theme Music – PicantePants!

  1. Phil Raintree says:

    That Glenn Miller song is about sausage gravy, right?

  2. Mr. Fantastic says:

    “my knee hit me in my mouth” is a fun, fun statement….

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