Royal Burrito

Duke St. Chipotle

Duke St. Chipotle

Memorial Day Monday led to an early afternoon trip to the far off land of Duke St., the lesser of the royal streets of Alexandria with Chipotle locations.  This location is situated in an upscale (read Harris Teeter anchored) shopping plaza with an extremely suburban feel. The inside follows in tow with no-line, more space than normal (although a strange seating arrangement), and servers with enough time to pack the burritos to their maximum capacity.

New Pepper LogoIf there was one noteworthy thing about this Chipotle, it’s the fact that it is one of the locations that offer margaritas as an extra option. I have never partaken of their margaritas, but we did see two other diners imbibing.  They did appear to be freshly mixed in a plastic cup since they came out a few minutes after the diners sat down, but there was no evidence of a salt rim. We have sworn ourselves to sample this occasional menu item the next time we stumble onto a location that offers them. In this strip mall filled with the typical nail salon, assorted carry-out places, a CVS, a grocery store, etc., it might be nice to have the option in the neighborhood to sit outside and enjoy a frosty margarita. Unfortunately, whatever liquor-license laws govern alcohol service in Alexandria have not cleared Chipotle to allow their customers to enjoy their drinks nine feet from the door.  Alas, margaritas must go best with air conditioning.

Alcohol Free Zone

All fun must stay insid

  • Today’s menu: Carnitas burrito, black beans, red-tomatillo salsa, corn salsa, cheese, s/c, and lettuce.
  • Bar stoolsOutdoor seating: A- (Uncramped area complete with umbrellas and shrubbery)
  • Indoor seating: C- (Excessively uncramped to the point of wasting space on small round bar tables and stools)
  • Option of alcohol: B (Room for improvement)

Location Tip: Just down the road a little ways you can find a great, albeit out of the way, place to drink a few good beers or better yet, brew your own. Shenandoah Brewery doesn’t really have much of a bar per se, but it does have a seating area near the dartboard and they will pour you the draft beers they are currently crafting.  For a

Shenandoah Brewery

Shenandoah Brewery - Photo courtesy of Randomduck

little wilder night and something most likely to be completely out of the ordinary routine, try heading about four stores down in this odd industrial complex for some dancing at Nick’s Nightclub. This place is apparently the wildest country line dancing bar in the area, but also completely converts over to swing dancing every Wednesday and offers free lessons.

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