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One of the DC think tanks amuses me with a recurring theme. An employee will ask another, in all seriousness: “Did you see/read [pop culture reference]? There’s some serious libertarian subtext there!”

Then a ten minute conversation comparing Iron Man 2 to Mises ensues. People I know get paid for this. The rest of us, not fortunate enough to score such a sweet/nerdy gig, mock them. Viciously. Krugman’s newest column totally gets subjective value! I understand seeking out reinforcement when you’re on an ideological ice floe, but it’s still fun to make tease them. Hey, did you read Castro’s latest speech? Seriously libertarian, man.

I don’t watch much television. And not in a “The new David Eggers book is coming out, I have to finish it quickly so I can look down on all the other ineffectual fathers” kind of way. I just don’t spend a lot of time in front of the tv. But when I do, I make it count. Since the major shows all ended for the summer, I thought I would share my thoughts on new shows you should be watching, and highlights from the upcoming summer season.

Burn Notice Rocks. It’s light fluffy spy fare, beautiful camera work, and makes the most of both it’s actors (BRUCE CAMPBELL, Y’ALL!) and location. One question though, is Fiona (Gabrielle Anwar) hot? Sometimes she looks unbelievable, other times she looks like she’s headed for the Sarah Jessica Horse-face, starving-goblin-raped-by-screech-owl look. Discuss in the comments.

Justified Maybe my favorite tv show right now. Ufford at Warming Glow pointed out that, like Burn Notice, this show has done an excellent job of weaving a season-long dramatic arc, with multiple complex characters and relationships, into a procedural format. The show makes the most of its Kentucky backdrop, and doesn’t stoop to portraying everyone as gap-toothed hillbillies. As good as Timothy Olyphant is (and he’s very good), villian Walter Goggins steals every scene. They’re a great pair of rivals/friends.

Boardwalk Empire HBO + Scorcesse + Buschemi + Atlantic City + Prohibition? In.

Tosh.OExcessively mean comedian mocks internet videos? Add in a cute dog and it would be a visual ice cream sundae.

What shows SHOULD I be watching? What’s underrated? What other stars are polarizing, or confuse your junk on a regular basis?

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3 Responses to Boob Tube

  1. says:

    I am offended that you think so little about film criticism of Iron Man 2… but yes Justified is awesome (though not as good as Archer).

  2. Aaron says:

    It’s not specifically about Iron Man 2, or any other movie. It’s that the movie/book is irrelevant to their focus; finding subtle libertarian themes in pop culture like it’s the damn Da Vinci Code, or National Treasure (both of which, TOTALLY LIBERTARIAN, DUDE.)

  3. Aaron says:

    And Archer is spectacular. So is the Justified theme song.

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