Theme Music – Thomas!

Theme Music! Each week, we give you a bit more background on one of our writers. You know, like their favorite flavor of Tums, how they picture their wedding cake, and the name of their first sock puppet. Then we play the music that should come on every time they walk down the street. This week, Thomas!

First Car? When I was five, I stole my dad’s pickup and drove it down a hill into the woods behind our house. I’m not sure how I lived.

How did you give your parents Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder? As a child growing up in Pittsburgh, I got so excited at Pirates games that I would literally have to pee every inning. This is probably why my dad still hates taking me to baseball games. I hope.

What’s your guiltiest pleasure? Being a consummate winner, I like to mix it up and see how the other half lives. Failblog is my jam. I also throughly enjoy it’s mathletic cousin, Graphjam.

Jerome thinks Thomas needs more meat on his bones. He’d barely make a light snack for the modern Velociraptor-on-the-go. As such, he remembers Bon Iver’s “Skinny Love“. Aaron has always had a deep and abiding respect for Thomas’ appreciation of argyle, the pattern of champions. His choice is clear.

But whenever Thomas walks into the room, inexplicably, everyone begins to hear the opening beat from some TV on the Radio.

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  1. Mr. Fantastic says:

    YES! Thom’s theme music is my favorite so far….

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