That Didn’t Explain Anything!

In 2008 in a basement pool-hall slash rock club, I saw Rocco Deluca and The Burden. He wailed away at a steel guitar like a true rock star. Afterwards, I got to talk briefly with (or at) him. Even though he had just rocked, and killed, and the beautiful and talented Sara Bareilles was just feet away, he seemed bored. The only time he really lit up was when he was actually talking about the music (both his and Sara’s). It was like the sun suddenly came up for him.

Not Boring

The band is tight. They play an eclectic mix of electric jam band, rock, blues, and soul, with a pop twinge that belies their California roots. Oh, and one of their biggest fans and friends is Keifer Sutherland. This video is from their joint production, I Trust You To Kill Me, a documentary titled after the band’s first album.

It does. It does explain everything. Because pirates hate trees. Not only did that happen, but he went on national tv to show it off. Can drunk Jack Bauer do any wrong? Anyway, here’s some more Rocco, showing off both his poppy and bluesier sides, sans any Keifer.

And my favorite, “Soul”. I want your soul. Give it to me.

H/t to Filmdrunk.

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