Metaphor–Right or Wrong?

What do you think about this statue?

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This is one of the “Man Controlling Trade” sculptures in front of the Federal Trade Commission building.  According to the Smithsonian folks,

this heroic, human figure strains to control a powerful horse… symbolizing the purpose of the Federal Trade Commission.

Is this an apt metaphor of how human minds need to be active–to some degree–in controlling the powerful forces of markets, or is this a naive view of what’s really going on?

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2 Responses to Metaphor–Right or Wrong?

  1. John Gault says:

    A much more apt metaphor would be a man trying to divert the course of a river through levees and dams. The best he could hope for would be a replication of the river’s natural course and the likely outcome is a devastating flood when the levees inevitably fail.

  2. TJIC says:

    I love the fact that a statue to government regulation looks like it would be better described with the title “Retarding Progress”.

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