At The Quarter Turn

Whew. Five Chipotles down, fifteen more to go. It’s been a memorable journey thus far. I’ve eaten all the meats, I’ve tried all the salsas, and I even broached the ‘taco wall’ that had held me back for the last year. Think of the opportunity cost. Anytime you order tacos, you are NOT ordering a burrito. That just doesn’t make much sense.

Here’s the lessons I’ve learned so far:

Meats: Carnitas is by far the best meat, followed by barbacoa, then steak, then a significant step down for chicken. Chicken translates especially poorly in a burrito bowl. The more mild flavor just gets lost with everything else going on. Barbacoa is the spiciest.

Tacos are perfect for the carnivore. Surprising amounts of meat. The Carnitas with corn salsa and cheese is the perfect snack.

The variety you can get with the tacos is impressive. Pair the meats with different salsas and have a smörgåsbord! Or its non-union Mexican equivalent!

Burrito Bowls are mighty. You can mix together everything, there’s no fear of a bite of straight guacamole, and you tend to get a lot more. Yum. Also, you arguably save calories, since the wrap packs 290 calories on it’s own. My favorite arrangement is a burrito bowl with carnitas, corn and hot salsa, and fajita fixings, lettuce and cheese. At a mere 565 calories, that’s a lot of bang for your buck. Also considering you won’t want to eat for six hours, it could be worse.


Corn salsa, man! Corn effing SALSA!

To kick up the next leg of the challenge, I’ve decided to start stunt eating. Suggest a combo for me to eat, and I’ll down it. First up, I’m going to do what I consider the spiciest thing on the menu:

– Barbacoa, with hot salsa, no cheese or letttuce, and fajitas fixings (which are always a pleasantly spicy surprise).

If you can think of a way to spice it up, let me know and I’ll do it, then report. Also, you can suggest in comments the “most _____” with a combination and I’ll choose some to do. If you’ve ever wondered what tacos with Chicken and guac was like, I’ll report for you.

And if you want to know when we’ll come by the Chipotle near you, let us know. Always interested in guest eaters and their opinions. Unless you’re a vegetarian, than you don’t count. As a person.

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6 Responses to At The Quarter Turn

  1. Emily says:

    As a big fan of Chipotle and spicy food, I find that getting both the corn salsa and the green tomatillo packs a nice punch. I don’t think the corn salsa flavor would be very tasty with their hot salsa though.

  2. Phil Raintree says:

    why not ask for a special order and get all four meats in one burrito

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