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New Music Alert! Joe Purdy!

Whether you joined in our adoration of Joe Purdy, or are hearing about him for the first time, good news! He has a new album, Fourth of July, out this week! I listened to the whole thing last night. Nothing … Continue reading

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Birth of a Burrito

The long-awaited 19th of soon to be 20 Chipotle locations (Get on your horse Union Station) finally opened in Falls Church last Thursday, and we were there to mark our 10th visit in the challenge. As previously reported, the true … Continue reading

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Exploring From Your Desk

Around these parts we talk a good deal about innovation and creative productivity. Whether it’s kerosene or sneaker sanitizer, libertarians have a strong historical argument for the benefits that accrue to society, individuals, institutions, and the environment, from innovation. But not every … Continue reading

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Nothing Beats a Weekend of Civil Disobedience.

So what did you do this weekend? Well I lived free. For four days I honestly felt free. I was in a peaceful community filled with loving people who made the conscious decision to live a life of non-coercion against … Continue reading

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Too-Close Tuesdays!

YES!  When it’s time to party, we will party hard!

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Creative Cynicism

In light of recent disasters, I can’t help but notice that new technology and social media like Twitter has enhanced our cynicism. Or maybe we’re just finding more creative ways to lighten the generally dark mood regarding our economic and … Continue reading

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The Bottom Falls Out

This post originally appeared at Neighborhood Effects. Chart courtesy of The Mercatus Center at George Mason University. Ezra Klein conjured up a fanciful reason why the stimulus spending hasn’t stimulated… anything. Matt and Eileen broke it down pretty thoroughly. Today, Mercatus Senior Research … Continue reading

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Authentic Racial Identity

The Authenticity Hoax author Andrew Potter found this nugget: John McWhorter has an interesting review of what looks to be an important new book on the pernicious conception of black authenticity, and how it feeds into the rejection of scholarly … Continue reading

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Employers decide at the margin, like everyone else

I was discussing the tragedy of the minimum wage over the weekend with a friend, explaining that economists of pretty much all political affiliations agree that a minimum wage set above a competitive market wage hurts the poorest members of … Continue reading

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Dominant Bunny is Dominant

Hope that brightens your Monday.

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