Yes, But How Will Kumquat Aroma Affect the Asian Markets?

Not real news, from the Onion:

CHICAGO—A University of Chicago freakonomics professor told General Electric investors Monday to keep a close eye on recent fluctuations in the heights of competitive powerlifters from Mexico. “Usually we can count on a stable average of 5 feet 8 inches, but last month’s quarter-inch drop in height among Mexican dead-lift competitors in the middle-heavyweight division could spell disaster for GE’s aviation and software subsidiaries,” freakonomist James Duncan said. “But, like anything else, a shrewd investor must always ask himself one thing: How many hot dogs did I eat last year?” Duncan previously gained recognition for tracking first-time home ownership and teenage mothers’ gum purchases against the Times Tom Jones Is Played Per Day Index.

Apparently This is a Kumquat

Freakonomics bugs me, because I’ve found lots of people read without understanding. What the book says to me is that the world is infinitely weirder and richly complex, and we can’t hope to ever unravel all the tangled wonder bound up in existence.

Others, who haven’t read Hayek, get the impression that if we just learned a little more about the freakonomic relationships, planners could optimize plans. Knowledge is an emergent order, not an ideal state we could someday attain.

(h/t Charlie Tapp-that-ass)

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