Friday Morning Music – Joe Purdy!

Every Friday we’ll kick off your day with some video suggestions, loosely gathered around a theme. This week: Aaron’s favorite singer-songwriter!

Joe Purdy has been featured in numerous commercials and television shows, notably the first season of “Lost”, and an episode of “Grey’s Anatomy”, which is still a thing, according to wikipedia. And your mom.

Joe’s melodies are simple and clean, his lyrics are heartfelt and winding, and his gravely voice is alternately soft and bruising. He never signed to a major label, and has self-published all of his own albums. You can stream them all free at his website, and order them and support the man. My personal favorites are “Paris in the Morning”, “Julie Blue”, “You Can Tell Georgia”, and “Only Four Seasons”. Here’s youtube clips of some of my favorite songs. I hope you enjoy.

Wash Away – The song that turned me on to Joe, from the first season of “Lost”.

Andrea – For some reason the video shows the Julie Blue album cover, but this is really on Only Four Seasons.

Can’t Get It Right Today – I love the bright piano contrasted with the downer lyrics. While he writes a lot of joyful songs, Joe also writes songs that look at the petty failures and tiny disappointments that populate our lives. I find these songs comforting, and vaguely hopeful. Like this.

Skinny Dipping Girl – One of those simple odes to the good things. This whole album is like that, especially a song called “Fish and Whiskey”. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find that video. Youtube, you disappoint me. You just made the list.

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