Ice Ice Baby

Fine. I like dumb stuff. Not afraid to admit. Not going to defend it. Some of the stuff I love is dumb, and serves no useful purpose in any conceivable universe. Whatever. You probably  go through your day thinking big important thoughts about big important stuff. Well stop reading this blog Ghandi, you jerk.

Anyway. This is dumb. And I love it. Dcist covered two stupid drinking trends, but the first, “Icing Bros”, is still awesome. Kissing Suzy Kolber also explained, with less school-marm sass-back. Dumb it down, fake Matt Leinart and Darnell Docket:

Leinart: Nah, don’t get silly on me. I mean, c’mon. I didn’t discover Ice, brah. Mr. Smirnoff did that. I discovered icing brahs.

Dockett: What’s the difference?

Leinart: Braahhh, brah, brah. Lemme help you out. All right – an unsuspecting brah is out in public just doing his thang, right? Maybe trying to get his mack on. Maybe just handling his shit.

Dockett: Okay?

Leinart: Then, completely out of nowhere, another brah drops an Ice on him with the quickness. Totally puts him on the spot with the Ice.

Dockett: And?

Leinart: AND!? The brah that got iced has to drop to one knee and chug that bitch on the spot. Brah got no choice. Brah just got iced. See, the point is to Ice a brah at the most inopportune and embarrassing moment. Preferably with the most fruity flavor of the Ice.

Yup. Sounds stupid. It IS stupid. But stupid doesn’t mean it’s not AWESOME. Watch this lady-bro get iced. Dare to disagree with me.

As drinking trends go it seems pretty harmless. One has to appreciate the weirdness of having to drop and chug wherever the Ice strikes.

Ice Strikes would also be a good name for a Finnish hardcore band.

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2 Responses to Ice Ice Baby

  1. Yo' Momma says:

    Loved the video. Is Leinart really that dumb? I’m way more into him now.

  2. thedrunxster says:

    Brah, this was random and, both in part, a waste of time and me finding out new drinking trends that i will take no part in

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