If It Looks Like a Duck…

Score one for common sense. The Supreme Court today unanimously ruled against the NFL (and its fellow professional sports leagues) in its quest to be declared a single entity for purposes of anti-trust law. Obviously a confederation of geographically competing entities is not really a single entity when they are able to pursue their own local deals, compete for talent and have individual owners (and not to mention when there is precedent holding that the owners have more rights than the league), but that didn’t stop the NFL from trying.

What was interesting to me (and I haven’t read the opinion yet), was that the NFL was joined by its fellow leagues in seeking this ruling. Included in that amicus is Major League Soccer, which actually is a single-entity league (all player contracts are with the league, owners are termed operators). How the Court could have squared legally deeming a league like the NFL single-entity when an actual single-entity league was a third-party to the case would have been verrrrry interesting to read.

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