“like a teenager who, having been given a car…”

Hey, more teenager-car-irresponsibility quotes!

The libertarian who insists that the state has no place beyond basic night-watchman duties is like a teenager who, having been given a car, promptly starts demanding the right to stay out all night.

This response from Reason to the salon.com article about Rand Paul, and basically, how immature libertarianism is, is pretty great.  I thought they were both interesting.  We posted about old Randie P earlier this week.

I read/listened to Paul’s comments and he hasn’t said anything too inflammatory, in my opinion.  I, too, support any law that stops “legalized and institutional racism”–that stops laws that discriminate.  I also agree that assholes should have the right to be assholes, because those are free speech issues: even if those assholes are racists.

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One Response to “like a teenager who, having been given a car…”

  1. Michael says:

    I read through the civil rights act of 1964. The main issues is Title II. It forces business, and in the context of the time, it includes family owned businesses, to do business with any class of person. So under the law, reverend Wright could take his gang and go to a Jewish delicatessen own by holocaust survivors and continue his rants on how Jews are fucking up the world.

    The Supreme Court has taken the position that “to assemble” in the first amendment does mean “associate” and that the “association” has the right to exclude.

    This creates a problem. Jews would be free to associate at the delicatessen and under the court’s view, expel Wright, but because the delicatessen offers commerce, under the civil rights act of 1964, Wright is free to be in the delicatessen even if he’s not engaged in commerce.

    I would take the view that since the right to associate is a constitutional right, the Jewish delicatessen owners have every right to expel reverend Wright from the premises.

    I’m somewhat sympathetic the the view that the Jewish delicatessen owners have the right to put a sign in the door that says Jews only, but think it’s about the dumbest action a business can take.

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