Theme Music: Mr. Fantastic!

Theme Music! Each week, we give you a bit more background on one of our writers. The location of their superfluous third nipples, their deepest fears, and the name of their first pets. Then we vote on the music that should play whenever they walk in the room. This week, Mr. Fantastic.

Mr. Fantastic, Third From Left. This is not Halloween.

Mr. Fantastic on Travel: Mr. Fantastic lived in both Bulgaria and Bangkok. He finally moved to Arlington to complete his mastery of early-alphabet locales. Watch your back, Cincinnati.

Mr. Fantastic on Dealing With Pain: Ever heard of a kidney stone? Well a couple of years ago, Mr. Fantastic had two at the same time. Double the debilitating pain for the same low, low price! To make matters worse, the doctor told him they were “on the upper bounds of being passable”. If that didn’t send you screaming to the urethra-shredding hills, I don’t know what will.

Mr. Fantastic on What D.C. Lacks: Coors Original, the Banquet Beer. “I think Coors Original is one of the best beers in the world, and am sad no bars in DC sell it.” If you know where it can be found, leave a note in the comments.

When Thomas thinks about Mr. Fantastic, he hears the sweet refrain of dope indie-rockers TV on the Radio. But when Aaron considers the Fantasticalness, he naturally thinks of artsy photography. Therefore his choice is obvious.

But truthfully, nothing says “Fantastic” better than some classic Andrew W.K.

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One Response to Theme Music: Mr. Fantastic!

  1. TJIC says:

    Burritos and libertarianism are two of my favorite things (well, really, burritos and anarcho-capitalism, but let’s not quibble).

    …but Andrew W.K. is certainly in the top 50.

    You’ve got another RSS subscriber!

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