Boutique Burrito

M St. Chipotle

M St. Chipotle

Tonight our dedicated burrito eaters attacked our fourth destination on M St. in the heart of Georgetown. Similar to how the Fourth Commandment tells us to honor the Sabbath Day, as long as you are keeping score according to Jewish/Talmudic, Anglican, Eastern Orthodox, Reformed, or “other” Christian law, we had to honor our weekly Chipotle commitment on the one day this week when one of us wasn’t at least 500 miles from DC. With Aaron just returning in time after a grueling drive from Maine fueled entirely on a liquid diet of only orange juice, Red Bull, and regular unleaded, he was rearing for some burrito sustenance. I am in hopes that my body will realize that I have a similarly grueling drive to Tennessee tomorrow and store my burrito calories like a camel.

M St. Chipotle

Nestled between Coach and Shoe Gallery

Tonight’s escapade also saw our first guest-eater joining us. Dylan, the roommate who hails from Michigan, a land of unfortunately few Chipotles, joined in on our revelry for a salad. The stars aligned for our original three as we all ordered some form of a steak burrito unbeknownst to each. This brings Aaron’s tally to having conquered all meats while Phil is still missing chicken and barbacoa is absent from my roster. New for me tonight was the green-tomatillo salsa, which was just too much of a latecomer to the salsa options for me to embrace it in my normal routine before. Discovering it’s peppery bitterness and how it permeates through the burrito due to its more fluid consistency has already made it a staple of future orders.

Guersel's Mayan

Mayan man holding court

I don’t recall ever seeing one of the Mayan-inspired sculptures by Bruce Gueswel featured so prominently in the center of one of the restaurants, but this large one is front and center in Georgetown. They are also largely featured in the front windows to draw in the droves of window-shoppers and apparently confound those already familiar with what lies inside.

Troubling Mayan

Driving delirium seems to have made Aaron ready to fight the Mayan

  • Today’s menu: Steak fajita burrito with green-tomatillo salsa, corn-salsa, cheese, and lettuce.
  • Profit margin: C- (Almost dead inside at 7:30)
  • Burrito size: A- (Almost overflowing, almost)
  • Owning Qdoba: A (So much better than that watery queso dip they have to offer)

Location Tip: Maybe the best thing about Chipotle’s location in Georgetown is how functional your workout can be to burn the burrito off afterward complete with shopping and sight-seeing. You can max out your credit card at any one of its hundred or so designer stores and do shopping bag curls. Rent a kayak and race from the Key Bridge to Memorial Bridge.  Finally, you could attempt the Ironman of all notable

Exorcist Stairs

Exorcist Stairs

Georgetown location physical challenges and run the Exorcist Stairs followed by a cool down walk past JFK’s old debauchery pad.

Exorcist photo by Smokejmt.

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