Like Any Good Libertarian…

Irene Pollin is shocked at the market distortions endemic in the NBA draft.

I think any draft is a distortion of the market. Milton Friedman’s greatest accomplishment was abolishing the US military draft. However, when it comes to the unique socialist world of American professional sports (baseball largely excepted), the draft is something of a necessary evil, in that each franchise’s viability depends in large part on the overall health of its league competitors.

All of this is a long way of saying that Tuesday night was the NBA’s annual draft lottery, where my beleaguered Lez Boulez de Washington reversed 13 years of draft futility (yes, I am counting 2001 when they actually won the lottery and drafted Kwame Brown) and won the lottery. After a pretty miserable season which saw the longtime owner die, its franchise player suspended for the year for violating the league’s gun policy (and nearly sent to jail under DC’s draconian gun laws) and the rest of the team stripped down for cap space and draft picks, they earned the right to draft Kentucky uberguard John Wall. Wall will join fellow former number 1 overall picks Alexander Ovechkin and Stephen Strasburg to offer some serious hope for what’s been a pretty bleak DC sports scene

So to sum up:

  • Drafts bad
  • John Wall good
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