Japan Attacks Another Childhood Memory

Hey kids, do you like teddy bears? Who doesn’t! Do you like robots? Of course! Would you like the unholy offspring of a robot AND a teddy bear? Well Japanese company Fujitsu is here to crap all over your dreams.

From Gamma Squad:

Fujitsu released a video (below) of the robotic teddy bear they’re developing to entertain the elderly and children (but not elderly children.  Progeria kids can see right through this bear’s machinations).  He has 8 touch sensors, as well as speakers, mics, accelerometers, and 12 joints. He also has 300 programmed reactions to touch, sound, and (holy crap) facial expressions.  His shiny black nose is actually a camera lens which he uses to track facial expressions like confusion, dismay, horror, and whatever look you make when a robot bear eats your soul.

In fact the Fujitsu bear has 300 different responses of its own, which range from giggling and laughing, waving its paws around, and pretending to fall asleep complete with recorded snores.  “We want it to feel natural” [Ed.- because bears are gigglin’ fools] said one Fujitsu researcher, who revealed that the company expects to deploy the responsive robot “in nursing homes so that it can entertain and soothe elderly people.”

That’s aptly named author Robopanda, who also has a video of this monstrosity. It’s like Wall-e raped your childhood companion. As if being old and alone in this world, or infantile and terrified by everything wasn’t enough, now there’s this.

Thanks to Robopanda for the pic and the night-terrors.

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  1. picantepants says:

    I am actually doing fine with the bear. I am much more concerned with the way in which the creepy guy in the video is rubbing the bear to activate its sensors.

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