Poll: Night Out for a D.C. Novice

I have a friend who is visiting D.C. for the first time. Despite living in the eastern time zone for 97% of his 28 years, he has never made the pilgrimage to our nation’s capital, not even as a member of the fifth grade safety patrol trip.

Ironically, as one of the whitest white boys the Greek life scene that the Univ. of South Carolina (a university which published this article in it’s school newspaper) has ever seen, he is here to speak about diversity in the workplace at this event. He gets to see the tourist sites during the day, but luckily I have one night to show him D.C.’s nightlife.  I have attempted to come up with five possible itineraries to give him a little flavor of what our fair city can offer a late-20-something looking for a good bite and a beer.

I reluctantly felt obliged to throw in Georgetown locales to offer him his comfort zone, and the D.C. power sector to attempt to meet the expectations of someone who has only seen D.C. depicted on TV. My vote goes to the U St./14th St. area, probably mostly for the excuse to end the night at Ben’s Chili Bowl, but alternatively I am interested to check out the Iron Horse Taproom in Penn Quarter for the first time. It is by no means a perfect list, and I have played it safe in a lot of spots, so additional suggestions are welcome. Please vote below for the itinerary that you think would strike the fancy of your preppy, southern, expert on Asian-American professionals  friend if you had one visiting.

Round Robin, Old Ebbitt’s, Shelly’s, Local 16, Bar Pilar, Churchkey, PS 7’s, Zaytinya, Cafe Citron, Heritage India, Public Bar, The Tombs, Pizzeria Paradiso, Martin’s Tavern

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3 Responses to Poll: Night Out for a D.C. Novice

  1. Aaron says:

    You forgot the official DC summertime drink, Firefly. I’m so disappointed in you, Pp.

  2. picantepants says:

    Hard to make an argument about Firefly being the official summertime drink of D.C. to a guy coming up from South Carolina, but it might be the most delicious form of thievery we have in this town.

  3. A Southern Gentleman says:

    Please select my itinerary wisely as my plan, regardless of the location, is to cause more damage to my expense account and DC than the second battle of Manassas (Note my obvious omission of the word “Bull Run”, a word designated by the aggressors from the north).

    Also, please enjoy our Firefly. The sales generated from your “summer drink” (Actual birthplace= South Carolina, same birth place of Hootie and the Blowfish and Steve Spurrier’s future 2nd national championship) help to provide the state tax revenue used to fund important programs like confederate flag monuments and South American excursions.

    Thank you for your help. I am very much looking forward to my trip to the land of unsweetened tea.

    The South – Home of college football dominance and the correct pronunciation of pecan (Pe’kahn’)

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