Words Shmerrds

Language is funny. And somehow at one point we all decided we would make markings in specific patterns on paper to symbolize the sounds we make to communicate. There isn’t a better example to my knowledge of taking one form of communication (auditory) and arbitarily translating it into a different form (written). Well, besides drunk-texting.

Also, when you add or take away words in a sentence, it can trigger completely different reactions:

  • “Government efficiency” –> smile
  • “Government tries to help people despite it’s inefficiency” –> cringe
  • “Government believes it’s inefficiency is necessary to save individuals from the efficiencies of each other” –> shudder

Oh and get this: there’s more than just one language out there. And we definitely don’t all mean the same thing. For instance if you put this into Google Translate:

Everybody get up it’s time to slam now
We got a real jam goin’ down
Welcome to the Space Jam

And then translate it from English –> Croatian –> Swedish –> Japanese –> Swahili –> Belarusian –> English, it comes out:

Back to present time, everything will
We enjoyed down
Welcome to Space Jam

Which begs the age-old question “why does Belarus even have its own language?”

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