Cupcakeries, Take Note

"Vanilla Latte and Passion Tea from Baked & Wired" courtesy of Flickr user @heylovedc

I am definitely not one to pass up on sweets. As a matter of fact, the recent cupcake craze has been one of the best things to happen to me over the course of my time living in DC. But, the business side of me always wonders what will happen to these cupcakeries once cupcakes are no longer, well, cool? Do they run outside and change the name from Georgetown Cupcake to Georgetown Bakery? Why didn’t they just name themselves Georgetown Bakery to begin with and market cupcakes as their signature item?

In steps Baked and Wired, a corky bakery and coffeehouse that happens to bake damn good and oddly shaped cupcakes. In my opinion, possibly the best cupcakes in the greater DC area. B&W is located on Thomas Jefferson street off of the main drag on M street in Georgetown. While the cupcakes are their main affair, B&W sells cakes, cookies, brownies, other pastries and a selection of house brewed coffee drinks (thus, the “wired” part in their name!). And, they have ample seating and free wifi. B&W has it down. When cupcakes become passé (which they will), B&W can build on the reputation they’ve built as being an exceptional bakery and coffee house that at one time made the meanest German chocolate cupcake I could get my hands on.

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