Theme Music: Aaron

Introducing a new feature: Theme Music. Each week, we’ll give you a bit more background on one of our writers. Embarrassing details, a secret they’ve never told anyone, possibly the location of their buried treasure, and then we vote on their ‘theme song’. Stay tuned, and if you have better suggestions, leave them in the Comments. This week, Aaron.

Our Fearless Leader Plays with a Dog

Best Band No One’s Heard Of? The Go! Team. They Rock. Huddle Formation is the best song around.

Drink? Gin and Tonic, preferably at New Heights in Woodley Park. Get the Fever Tree tonic.

Embarassing Story? When I was four, my family was living at a set of sporting camps out in the woods. My mom and I were the only ones home one day, and we played hide-and-go-seek. I hid so well that my mom spent over an hour trying to find me before totally breaking down, sobbing, and calling the Game Wardens to launch a full on search and rescue. In the middle of this, my dad came home and I waved from my hiding spot. He waved back and went inside, where my mom was . . . less than composed. The Wardens showed up and my mom had to explain that I was fine.

The upshot was that whenever my mom and I played hide-and-go-seek from then on, I had to tell her beforehand where I was going to hide. When I played with my older cousins, I abided by the same rule, and they were pretty sure I was … not right. I’m in my late 20’s now, and this story finally came out at a family wedding last summer, and my cousins finally understood. They’d been walking through life for 20+ years thinking I was just a high-functioning idiot who couldn’t play kids games.

Theme Song? Mr. McGibblets suggested “Notorious” by Big Poppa, but Aaron took that as a fat joke. Mr. Fantastic recognized Aaron’s sick dance moves and suggested “Dancing Queen“, but in the end we agreed this song should play every time Aaron walks in a room:

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4 Responses to Theme Music: Aaron

  1. Thomas says:

    The great thing about this smooth and groovy jam is now when Aaron walks into a room, I won’t be so pissed he’s there. Ziiinnggg!!!!!! All jokes.

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  3. Mr. McGibblets says:

    I’m being sincere. Every time I hear “Who that queen bitch, keep her glass filled to the rim?” I think: Duh, Aaaron.

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